When cold weather sneaks in, you don’t want to be without heat. At New River Heating & Air, we sell, install, repair and provide maintenance on all makes and ages of heating and air conditioning units and air-quality systems. Since 1985 we have been the New River Valley’s multi-service heating specialist.

Scheduling regular heating maintenance comes with incredible benefits, starting with the dramatically reduced chances of future breakdown. An effectively operating furnace or heat pump also typically runs more efficiently, thereby reducing heating bills. It can heat the home more adequately, extend its life expectancy, and ensure that it’s operating safely. The latter is especially important for furnaces since most run off gas. If the furnace isn’t venting properly, it could create a dangerous carbon monoxide problem within the home. Working with us for a thorough heating tune up can make sure your unit is working effectively and safely.

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Energy Savings Agreements

The average life of an oil or gas furnace is 18 – 22 years, if it has been serviced every year. The average life of a heat pump system is 10 – 14 years, if it has been serviced every year. The key to a long life of your HVAC equipment is service! We find that our maintenance agreement customers’ units have about an 80% less chance to break down during peak heating and air conditioning seasons than non-maintenance customers. 

New River Heating & Air offers Energy Savings Agreements to help our customers save money and extend the life of their heating and air conditioning equipment. Our maintenance customers receive a discount on all replacement parts, priority scheduling of repair calls, and emergency after hours and on weekends. Their equipment is in better shape and; therefore, it requires less time for repairs and fewer charges to the customer.

We work for anyone who calls for HVAC repair; however, we can take care of you best if we perform regular maintenance on your equipment.


Regular maintenance ensures warranties are upheld by the manufacturer, as well as increase the efficiency and life of your unit.